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#2163 Fluorine, Fluoridation &Fluoride Measurement Methods Webinar IEPA#8384

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Fluorine, Fluoridation and Fluoride Measurement Methods


LIVE DATE:  10/27/14

CEU TYPE: Technical
IEPA#: 8384

Summary: ll.

Presenter: Terry Engelhardt Application Development Manager – Drinking Water - Hach Company


 Summary: Fluorine is a naturally occurring element. It is a member of the halogen group of elements and is very reactive. It is never found free in nature.

The fluoride ion, F-, is an important mineral for the human body, especially as it relates to dental health. While a number of foods contain fluoride, none of the foods contain sufficient fluoride for optimal health in the amounts normally consumed. Naturally occurring levels in water vary from 0.1 to 13 mg/l. Ocean water is typically in the range of 1.2 to 1.4 mg/l. Every natural water source on the earth ever tested contains some natural level of fluoride. Thus it is impossible to study the nature plant and animal life in the absence of fluoride. . A large portion of dietary intake of fluoride (whether from water or food) passes through the digestive system without being absorbed and is expelled in waste products from the body.

Various methods have been developed to supplement the fluoride intake including topically application by dentists, addition of fluoride to toothpaste, orally taken supplements for fluoride and fluoridation of drinking water.

Fluoride has been added to drinking water on a wide scale since mid-1940. Fluoridation of water provides an essential dietary supplement in much the same way iodine is added to table salt. According to recent statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control, nearly 99% of persons in Illinois on community water systems receive fluoridated water.

This program will explore the origin of fluoride, it’s application to water and also methods for measuring fluoride.

The presence of fluoride can interfere with analyses of other chemicals (i.e. aluminum). This will be explored as well.



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