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Video #443 - Our Water Cycle

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Video #443 -Our Water Cycle
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This exciting video takes you on the wildest ride of all -- the earth's water cycle! You'll go up miles into the troposphere as water vapor, then plummet back down to earth as rain or snow -- and eventually ride the cycle all the way to the ocean or even soak down, deep under the earth's surface.

You will learn what percentage of much water is in oceans, rivers and lakes, polar ice caps, and underground . . . how little of earth's water is actually available for all the earth's people, animals, and plants to drink . . . how hydrogen and oxygen molecules combine to form water. You'll learn why water becomes liquid, vapor, or ice . . . how water evaporates into the atmosphere to form clouds . . . and why it falls back to earth thousands of miles away as rain, snow, or hail. Viewers see where all the precipitation goes --- either landing on plants, infiltrating into the ground, or running into rivers, lakes, and oceans --- in a never ending cycle of evaporation, condensation, transpiration and precipitation!

The water cycle comes alive for kids and adults alike, while the DVD format provides sparking color and high production values.

Age Range:
Grades 4-6
12 minutes

Rental information:
FREE for Illinois Section AWWA members, small water systems and teachers
FREE for non Illinois Section AWWA members.

10 days rental - renter is responsible for postage for returning DVD in good condition.


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